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Your way, with your customized OneSource Solution

Short-Term and Temporary Employment Solutions

OneSource Employment Solutions provides an employee to work on a short term assignment as needed at your place of business. We match all job-related skills required in your request to place the best candidate in the position. We cover all management and administrative costs.

Long-Term, Contract and Temp-to-Hire Employment Solutions

Do you have a need for assistance on a long-term project or need a fill-in for an employee who is away on leave? We have employees looking for long-term projects to fill-in immediately. OneSource provides an employee who, after 90 days, you can hire with no additional fees. We cover all management and administrative costs.

Are you looking for a new executive to join your team but don't want to perform the screening and recruitment? We provide confidential executive searches for all professional fields.

We provide qualified candidates for your review and or interview, but fees are only charged upon placement with a guarantee. Call or fill out the form below for an evaluation and quote today.

Direct Hire Employment Solutions

Executive Search Employment Solutions

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