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Outsourced Pay-Rolling Services

Smart.  Logical.  Streamlined.


When you partner with OneSource, as your payroll provider, you get all the benefits without the risk. As one of the USA's leading employment and pay-rolling companies, we simplify and streamline the management of your workforce.  Saving you time, money, and stress.


Eliminate Paperwork

OneSource frees you from the ongoing burden of payrolling paperwork, putting valuable hours back in your workday


Modern Technology

Connect to your workers anytime, from any device, so you can instantly adapt to changing workflows


Lower Markups

OneSource offers lower markups on your workforce program, resulting in serious savings for your bottom line


Pre-employment Screenings

Pre-employment screening and background clearance gives you confidence with every hire

Pre-employment screenings and background checks
Federal/state/local tax withholdings and reporting
Workers compensation and UI claims
Employer insurance and tax compliance
Instant customer service

For Employers:

OneSource handles the entire employee engagement process from start to finish.  Our user-friendly web-based processes simplify and streamline a once-complex process – putting valuable time back into your day


Access all your payroll and HR information with our sophisticated client portal, which allows you to manage your workforce – anytime, anywhere, from any device


The OneSource web-based process makes onboarding a snap, with user-friendly forms and documents that eliminate time-consuming tasks.

Your OneSource solution can include weekly, biweekly or semi-monthly processing of payroll, withholding taxes, FICA, FUTA, SUI, and certain insurances, including Medicare and workers compensation insurance.  Plus preparation and management of W-2 statements, along with all federal, state, and local required tax reports for employees.

Request for Quote: Pay-rolling Solutions

We work hard to simplify the payroll process for you. No extra charges or hidden fees. Pay your employees via direct deposit, check, or paycard. Submit payroll via web, fax or email. We work with you to customize the payroll process to meet your needs.

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