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Why Use a Staffing Agency?

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

A Staffing Agency is the middle-man between qualified job-seekers, and employers looking to hire. OneSource Employment Solutions is a leading provider of professional and commercial staffing services, including temporary, contract-to hire, direct hire, consulting services, and executive recruitment. Our services are highly responsive and allow for flexibility that arises from our strong relationship management style. Our staff of recruiters utilizes our extensive candidate databases, infrastructure, and recruitment tools to provide additional benefits for our staffing, on-site management, and employee leasing services. With OneSource you have access to all of your payroll and HR information with our sophisticated client portal, which allows you to manage your workforce – anytime, anywhere, from any device.

How a Staffing Agency Works

"OneSource works for you. If you're a job-seeker, or a business seeking to employ qualified staff, we have solutions for all of your employment needs. Those employed by OneSource work for us, and we work for the hiring company. All the work to vet the applicants and assure their qualifications is done by us. OneSource compiles the most qualified applicants, arranges your interviews, and takes care of placement for the hiring party."

Regardless of how well a company schedules its employees, staffing #shortages can always happen for many reasons. #Employees need time off, a short term project requires extra staff, or internal company resources have trouble filling a difficult position. For the employer, overtime pay costs can become too high, have little or no time to look for candidates, or they simply wish to try out a candidate before a full-time commitment

Using a Staffing Agency to hire employees allows an employer to focus on the growth of their business, and take on additional short term projects without adding to their long term headcount. All while having the ability to downsize staff without the headache when the projects are finished.

Advantages of a Staffing Agency

Minimize Overhead Costs

Permanent employees cost more than just the salary they're being paid. Health care, 401k retirement plans, sick days, vacation pay, and employer taxes are just a few of the costs included with permanent staff. With a temporary staffing firm, an employer doesn’t pay any of that, they simply pay them for the work they have done, with no additional overhead costs.

Reduce Overtime Pay

Using the agency's temporary employees benefits both the company and its' employees. The Staffing Agency helps avoid overworking the employer by reducing overtime cost. An employer is given the option to distribute the workload and reduce the amount of overtime for current employees by using the agency to employ temporary staff.

Temporary Employees

Temporary employees are needed in the occasion that an employee is on maternity leave, has fallen ill, family emergency, or in the interim of searching for a full time employee after the previous has taken a leave of absence or quit. These times can be stressful on an employer, and OneSource has the qualified candidates on hand to help with the temporary placement of employees.

Save on Training, Time, and Reduce Hiring Risks

Having qualified candidates that are already trained on the job is a huge advantage to using a Staffing Agency. Training temporary employees requires a significant investment of both time and costs. In some instances, the company may be able to use the same temporary employee, removing all training time and costs.

OneSource is technically the employer of the temporary employee, so when the contract with the company is finished, they are not liable for unemployment #insurance, severance pay, or hard feelings.

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How a Staffing Service Increases ROI by Saving Time

"When it comes to temporary work contracts, OneSource can supply specialists with no need for the company to invest in their own valuable time. We do the work for you to find the most qualified specialists for the job."

Onboarding and Payroll

Our advanced digital network takes care of all of the paperwork that is arranged and completed by OneSource. This includes the workers’ compensation, #unemployment benefits, #payroll taxes and #onboarding paperwork.

Access to Talent Network

Another investment in time for an employer is searching for qualified candidates in their own network, or through the wide web. This can be an arduous task that ends up costing the employer valuable time. A Staffing Agency has formed a network of quality professionals that the agency keep in close contact with to ensure eligibility for upcoming work. OnceSource can can supply multiple qualified candidates typically within 48 hours.

Hiring Fast

In the event of an immediate need for a replacement employee, the agency can produce a candidate for the job, often within a day. This is a result of a large talent network at its disposal.

Industry Market Knowledge

In some instances with new #business owners, it's quality talent network and the agency’s knowledge from working with its large and diverse network, can gain insight into appropriate salary ranges, local market trends, etc.

Employee Trials

In any interview, or even new hire, there is always the risk that the employee wont be the right fit for the company. With a Staffing Agency there is already no risk of severance pay and unemployment insurance, and there is also the option of an employee trial period. During the trial period, the employer may hire a candidate from the agency and choose to keep them on full time. Trial periods are also easier on the employee, as they are initially only committed to the position for a certain period of time, and they may choose to leave at its' completion, or accept an offer.

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Types of Service Provided by Staffing Agencies

Executive Search Solutions

Are you looking for a new executive to join your team, but don't want to perform the screening and recruitment? OneSource can provide confidential executive searches for all professional fields.

Contract Staffing/Payroll Services

Temporary #staffing as it is more known, or contract staffing, is when a short term assignment requires a specifically qualified candidate. These contracts can be a couple of months up to a year, and it is paid by the hour. OneSource is responsible for covering all of the costs associated with contract personnel including general liability insurance, workers compensation, (FICA, FUTA, SUTA), and unemployment insurance. The Agency can also issue year-end W2’s, provide paid holidays, health/dental/vision insurance benefits, a 401k plan, and annual bonus checks.

Contract-to-Hire Staffing/Payroll Services

Contract-to-hire is a desirable option in the hiring process.

In some circumstances the temporary employee may be a perfect fit long-term. In a #contract-#to-#hire circumstance, the employer and OneSource had agreed to a prearranged length of employment of a contracted candidate, and in this situation the employer may still full-time offer to the temporary employee and bring them onto their payroll. This option provides a lot of flexibility for the employer, and gives the employee the option to pursue a full time position with the company as well.

Direct Hire Staffing/Payroll Services

The other option is a direct hire. OneSource can fill a long term, full-time position as well. OneSource will recruit candidates and place them with the employer directly. All benefits associated with being a full-time employee of the employer are then given to the employee.

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